Safest Cities in Alabama

In the state of Alabama, there are some cities that tend to be more safe than others. In the link showing the crime rates of Alabama, the darker the color means that city is safer while the lighter the color means it is less safe. The safest city in Alabama is Ramer with the crime index at 100 (safest). Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, has a crime index of 2 which is one of the worst in the state. The worst rate of crime in the state, however, belongs to the city of Selma with a crime index of 1. Usually, the larger the city with a higher population means that there will be a higher chance of crime while it is the exact opposite for smaller cities.

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2 thoughts on “Safest Cities in Alabama

  1. Charlotte

    We’ve lived in Birmingham since 1961, the last 40 years in South East Lake. Our daughter recently married a man from a more rural part of the state and whenever he brings her to see her parents, his parents always warn him: “Now, you be careful in the City!”, as if it were a dangerous place. We’ve never felt endangered, but then we are not the ‘victim’ kind of people. If we lived in West End instead of Eastern Birmingham, we might feel differently, but those statistic lump all of Birmingham together.

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